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Turrency Political

is a campaign management consulting and advertising firm. We strive to create exceptional moments of connection that affirm trust while offering an opportunity to exchange ideas and establish a firm relationship with your key audience.


Last we won a Reed Award for our ‘Meet Bernie’ direct mailer. We are so proud as a minority and woman-owned company to have the trust of @BernieSanders, @ChuckRocha and the team to support to this incredible movement. @karaturrentine

Kara Turrentine@karaturrentine

2020 Reed Award Winners | Campaigns & Elections

Wow! Just learned that we won a Reed for 2020 at @TurrencyP. I’m just floored. Thank you @C_and_E! We are so honored! #Bernie2020

2020 Reed Award Winners | Campaigns & Elections

⁦@BernieSanders⁩ Secret to Attracting Latino Support: Talking to Them! #tiobernie #UnidosConBernie ⁦@MaketheRoadAct⁩ #NVCaucus

We live in a country which can provide literally hundreds of millions of dollars to CEOs, and yet we have teachers who have to take money out of their own pockets to buy school supplies.

If we believe in the future of this country, we have got to believe in our educators.

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