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Turrency Political

is a campaign management consulting and advertising firm. We strive to create exceptional moments of connection that affirm trust while offering an opportunity to exchange ideas and establish a firm relationship with your key audience.


@ChuckRocha @SavageJoyMarie1 @BernieSanders @TurrencyP @SolidarityLLC I’m #VotingForBernie
Because he’s been fighting for the most progressive policies for decades. He’s un-bought, he’s created a diverse coalition that’s prepared to fight. We have a chance to change the direction of this country. We may not get another opportunity

People always ask me why @BernieSanders is being so intentional with our Latino organizing with the most staff, investment, vendors and Leadership. I remind them to watch this clip. It was only the 2nd time I ever seen him get choked up. #NotMeUs

Live update from my rental car in #Iowa I have the final tally from the #postcardsforbernie campaign. @BernieSanders #NotMeUs #IowaCaucus #grassroots

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