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No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and the corporate-funded super PACs that are spending millions on negative ads attacking me.

What they want is for us to stop critiquing the gross and undemocratic imbalance of power in this country. We wont.

Call it "establishment." Call it "the man." Call it the "corporate elite." It doesn't matter. But achieving equality requires that we call it out.

Black people are not going to let a Republican like Jennifer Rubin use us as a human shield for the billionaire-backed corporate interests Bernie is referring to when he says "establishment."

The way she & others are weaponizing black voters to defend elites is shameful.

Of course. And also complete ignoring of the fact that Bernie is leading with black voters nationally. It's cool though. Tuesday is just around the corner.

THE 👏 NINA 👏 TURNER!!!! Well deserved praise here for a truly beautiful human being: the one and only @ninaturner.

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