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Turrency Political

is a campaign management consulting and advertising firm. We strive to create exceptional moments of connection that affirm trust while offering an opportunity to exchange ideas and establish a firm relationship with your key audience.


NashvilleBusiness.Net: 100 Leading Women 2018

NashvilleBusiness.Net: 100 Leading Women 2018

As the face of the award winning agency, Turrency Political, Kara B. Turrentine serves as Chief Political Strategist to current and future public figures. Kara has 11 years of national corporate marketing experience and is an expert in creating exceptional moments of...

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How To Navigate Candidate Recruitment

How To Navigate Candidate Recruitment

A new generation of candidates and activists on the left are being inspired by the Trump administration to get involved in campaigns. This is happening as the DNC and the Democrats’ national campaign committees are in the process of rebuilding their staffs in the wake...

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Need a ride to the polls? We’ll give you a Lyft!

Team Booker is offering $20 Lyft rides, $10 there and back, to all KY polling locations. Use the code VOTEKY until midnight. Polls close at 6 pm!

Limited quantities available. (1/2)

I understand, Amy.

You’re getting nervous about our campaign. But know, people will never forget you are against guaranteeing healthcare as a human right, and you oppose raising the min wage to $15.

Your tweet won’t hit the way your consultants think.

See you on June 23rd.

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